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Marijuana and DUI in Arizona

Introduction to Marijuana and DUI in Arizona

introduction to marijuana and dui in arizonaSince 2010, Arizona residents with qualifying medical conditions have had access to medicinal marijuana, available for purchase in storefront dispensaries throughout the Valley.  Marijuana has been proven to assuage the pain and nausea of several […]

Alcohol Offenses in Arizona

Introduction to Alcohol Offenses in Arizona

Although criminal defense of anything related to alcohol is usually centered on DUI law, there are other laws related to alcohol consumption.  This article will discuss the Arizona standards on Minor in Possession and Consumption law, open container law, and public […]

DUI in Arizona – Basic Overview

Introduction to DUI in Arizona

dui in arizona includes zero tolerance lawsArizona is a no-tolerance state when it comes to driving under the influence, meaning that anybody under the age of 21 found with alcohol in their system is eligible for DUI and arrest.  For those of […]

How a DUI Affects Your Immigration Status

Introduction to How a DUI Affects Your Immigration Status?

A DUI charge on your criminal record is going to have long-term ramifications for anyone. The severity of those ramifications could vary depending on who you are and what the details of that DUI charge were. When it comes to how a DUI will affect immigration status of […]

DUIs Are Not A “One Size Fits All” Charge: Understanding Standard, Extreme, And Super Extreme DUIs

Arizona is a no-tolerance state for DUIs. One of the ways that Arizona cracks down on drunk drivers is categorizing the type of DUI charge by the driver’s BAC level. Although many states follow the practice of increasing penalties for having a BAC level significantly above the allowed BAC level, Arizona is one of few […]

Aggravated DUIs: Circumstances That Increase Your DUI Charge

The type of DUI that you may be charged with depends on several factors in Arizona. Two ways in which Arizona categorizes DUIs are by BAC level and the circumstances surrounding your DUI. In regards to the circumstances surrounding your DUI, your charge could depend on what other law you broke in congruence with driving […]

How To Avoid An Arrest At A DUI Checkpoint

How To Avoid An Arrest At A DUI Checkpoint

Surprisingly, driving unimpaired will not safeguard you from being behind bars. Quite often, drivers find themselves in the backseat of a police car even without having consumed a drop of alcohol. The reason being, people are unaware of their rights and are uneducated as to how to […]


During an arrest, the common mistake that people make is trying to get out of being arrested. Some arrestees attempt to cry their way out. The bolder arrestees often take a more aggressive approach by telling officers that they need to fight real crime or turn a blind eye and grab a donut. During sobriety […]

Best Crib Mattress for Little Kids

A good mattress makes the bed much comfier for the baby. It provides a good support for the delicate growing bones. There are two types of mattresses one can go for;

  • Foam mattress
  • Innerspring mattress

There is better between the two, the main thing to be concerned about is whether the mattress is of the right quality, look […]

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