Resisting Arrest After an Arizona DUI – What’s the Penalty?

Resisting Arrest after an Arizona DUI – What’s the Penalty

Whenever officers have reasons to suspect you’ve committed a DUI, they will arrest you and take you for a test. Since Arizona is an implied consent state, you can’t refuse to cooperate. If you do, you face automatic license suspension for a long period of time. Refusing […]

What happens after an Arizona DUI Arrest?

What Happens after an Arizona DUI Arrest?

Getting criminal DUI charges and getting arrested can throw you in for a loop. Chances are that you don’t have any experience or knowledge that will help you determine the best possible course of action. So what happens after an Arizona DUI […]

DUIs Are Not A “One Size Fits All” Charge: Understanding Standard, Extreme, And Super Extreme DUIs

Arizona is a no-tolerance state for DUIs. One of the ways that Arizona cracks down on drunk drivers is categorizing the type of DUI charge by the driver’s BAC level. Although many states follow the practice of increasing penalties for having a BAC level significantly above the allowed BAC level, Arizona is one of few […]


During an arrest, the common mistake that people make is trying to get out of being arrested. Some arrestees attempt to cry their way out. The bolder arrestees often take a more aggressive approach by telling officers that they need to fight real crime or turn a blind eye and grab a donut. During sobriety […]

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