How to Avoid a DUI Arrest in Arizona

How to Avoid a DUI Arrest in Arizona

How to Avoid a DUI Arrest in Arizona

Arizona police officers are on the prowl for drunk drivers. The police have all sorts of creative ways to pinpoint drivers who are drunk or high. However, if you are aware of these tactics and react accordingly, you just might avoid a DUI charge. Though there is no excuse for drinking and driving, you are certainly empowered to minimize your risk for a DUI charge. Let’s take a look at a few ways that will help you avoid getting pulled over and possibly charged with DUI.

Do not Call Attention to Yourself

The most important thing you can do while behind the wheel is obey traffic laws, follow the speed limit and drive in a straight line. Do not veer to the side of the road, take turns at high speeds or break even the smallest of traffic laws. In short, it is in your interest to blend in with the rest of traffic rather than bringing attention to yourself. Keep in mind, even if you have had a few drinks, you still might be above the state’s legal limit for BAC.

Do not Stumble to Your Vehicle

If you are spotted stumbling toward your vehicle, police will assume you are drunk. If someone else spots you tumbling to your vehicle, they might call the police to report a drunk driver. Keep in mind, just about everyone has a smart phone these days, meaning the police are merely a couple button presses away. If you find it is challenging to make it to your vehicle, summon a rideshare service or a taxi.

A Slow Start From a Traffic Light or Stop Sign

If you are slow to start moving forward after coming to a full stop at a stop sign or traffic light, it is a clear indication you are drunk or at least slightly inebriated. Furthermore, sitting idle at a traffic light or stop sign is also a sign that you are drunk or asleep.

Mind Those Headlights

Countless Arizona drivers have made the mistake of leaving their headlights off after downing a few beers or glasses of wine and attempting to drive home. Though your daytime running lamps certainly help, they are not sufficient for driving when the sun is setting or after it has set. If the police spot you driving without your headlights on, they will stop you and attempt to determine if you are inebriated. The bottom line is most Arizona police officers suspect those who fail to turn on their headlights are too drunk to remember to activate those lights in the first place.

Drive at or Slightly Below the Speed Limit

The little-known truth is police are more than happy to pull over drivers who are driving below the speed limit. If you are driving even a couple of miles below the speed limit, especially in the passing lane, a police officer will likely pull you over. There is also a chance an angry driver who wants to drive faster will contact the police to report someone is driving below the speed limit.

If you have had too much to drink and find it difficult to drive at or near the speed limit, contact a rideshare service for a safe ride home. You can always pick up your car in the morning when you are sober.

Arizona Police are Suspicious of U-turns

If you perform one or several U-turns, it is an indication that you are confused, lost or drunk. Police are well aware of the fact that drunk drivers tend to get lost easily and are aimless. If you are lost, pull over and get directions from your phone or a local. Do not continue to perform one U-turn after another as doing so will eventually catch the attention of the police.