What is a Certified Ignition Interlock Device in Arizona?

What Is a Certified Ignition Interlock Device in Arizona

What Is a Certified Ignition Interlock Device in Arizona?

If you are sentenced with driving under influence (DUI), Arizona law provides, among other elements of the sentence, equipping your car with a certified ignition interlock device (CIID). According to Arizona Department of Transportation, this is a breath-analyzing device connected to the ignition system of your car.

In this article, a criminal defense attorney specializing in DUI Arizona law will explain everything you need to know about the CIID and the consequences of failing to comply with the rules for installing, using and having it inspected.

What Are the Components of a CIID and How Does It Work?

DUI Arizona law only accepts specific ignition interlock devices, which are approved and certified by the Department of Transportation. There is a list of approved installers for these devices, so you cannot simply purchase and have one installed at any car repair shop.
A certified ignition interlock device consists of:

  • The breath analyzer component, installed on the dashboard
  • A camera
  • A GPS device.

The CIID is preset to prevent the car from starting if the alcohol level on your breath exceeds 0.020.
You may also be required to breathe into the device at random times while driving. However, for safety reasons, the CIID will not cause your car to stop if the engine is already running.

Who Must Install a CIID on Their Car under DUI Arizona Law?

The mandatory CIID installation is part of the sentence in case of:

  • Standard DUI – BAC in excess of 0.08
  • Extreme DUI – BAC in excess of 0.15
  • Super extreme or aggravated DUI – BAC in excess of 0.20.

The minimum period for having a CIID equipped on your car is 1 year (maximum 2 years for repeated aggravated DUI offenses). However, in certain circumstances, you may be eligible to remove the CIID after 6 months.
According to DUI Arizona law, these are some of the circumstances:

  • No other DUI in the last 7 years
  • There was no traffic accident involved
  • You completed 16 hours of substance abuse counseling
  • You did not violate any DUI laws during the first 6 months after the sentence.

Please remember that you MUST NOT remove the CIID from your vehicle before obtaining the approval from the MVD.

What Happens If You Fail to Install a CIID?

Under DUI Arizona law, you must install a CIID within 30 days after your driver’s license was reinstated. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your license, as well as the extension of the mandatory period of using an interlock device.

Can You Drive a Different Car?

Throughout the period when you must use a CIID, you are prohibited by DUI Arizona law to use any other vehicle. This prohibition covers all possible aspects:

  • Leasing a car
  • Borrowing a car from family members or friends
  • Using a rent-a-car service.

The person who knowingly allows you to use their car is also liable according to the law.

You Were Ordered to Install a CIID, but You Don’t Have a Car

Many people are sentenced under DUI Arizona law while driving a rented or borrowed car, because they do not own one. In this case, your driver’s license will remain suspended until you prove that you have installed a CIID on a car you own. The mandatory period of 1 year for using the device starts running from the same date.

Know All Your Rights and Obligations from a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney!

If you were ordered to install a CIID, a DUI Arizona law attorney will explain all your duties and rights. We can help you qualify for the 6-month deferment and get the device lawfully removed sooner. Call us now!